Leading Retailer For Premium Japanese Fishing Tackle

Company Profile

Lure Haven is the leading retailer of premium Japanese fishing tackle in Singapore. From our humble beginnings in a single storey shophouse, Lure Haven has since grown to become Singapore's largest Japanese tackle specialty store.

Our shop in Bussorah Street boasts three floors of the best Japanese fishing brands , covering every discipline an angler can dream of.


Our History

The year was 2004, and a merry band of angling brothers had a dream. Having fished side-by-side for the better part of a decade, they yearned for a place they could call home. Where they could gather to swop fish stories, trade the immense body of collective knowledge they had accumulated over the years, and most of all, share their love of the then-burgeoning sport of Lure Fishing with the country they had traversed over and over again in search of their next trophy, and the people seeking their own.

A chance encounter, and a few hurried decisions later, Lure Haven was born, nestled in a sleepy enclave at the heart of Arab Street. With a humble selection of Japanese fishing tackle, and a lot of heart, it quickly became a center for angling life on the island.

By 2007, our family of anglers had outgrown our little corner, and we moved to our current location to make sure we had room for everyone, and everything that came with us. And there we found even more friends, fishing and fun.

In our quest to elevate our beloved sport to the next level, we began representing a pantheon of world-class Japanese brands, showcasing tackle and techniques that stood on the cutting edge of modern lure fishing, and bringing them closer to anglers from all over the region.

Come by the store any day, and it is not at all uncommon for you to run into a few familiar faces, nearly all of whom are always ready to talk shop about any fishing-related topic.

The years have come and gone, and the great catches we’ve shared along the way have faded into our memories, but the community of great anglers who’ve walked through our doors, and their passion for our sport continues to drive us.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is "We Fish, We Learn, We Share", and our vision is to be recognized as the tackle shop that provides the best service, experience, and knowledge for all anglers.

Every product we sell has been personally tried and tested by our crew and customers, some of the finest anglers we have had the privilege of fishing with, in real-world fishing scenarios. This is our assurance to you, and our promise that you will enjoy your lure fishing experience with us too.